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Monday, 15 October 2012

List Of Television Actors

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List Of Television Actors Biography

Date of Birth
17 August 1982, Dallas, Texas, USA

Birth Name
Mark Wayne Salling

6' (1.83 m)

Mini Biography

Mark Wayne Salling Salling was born in Dallas, Texas. He is the younger of two children of Condy Sue (née Wherry), a school secretary, and John Robert Salling, Jr., an accountant. He was home-schooled at an early age. Salling was raised in a "strict Christian home" and attended Providence Christian School and Our Redeemer Lutheran during elementary school. He attended, but did not graduate from Culver Military Academy, and later graduated from Lake Highlands High School in 2001. While he attended high school, he was a member of the school wrestling team. Performing was also an integral part of his teenage years; he often performed in bars despite being underage and participated in school talent shows. After graduating from high school, he attended the Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music in Pasadena, California and began studying guitar, giving guitar lessons to make a living. Mark owns a dog named Noah, which he named after his character on Glee.
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He has an active love of birds and wildlife and volunteers with the James Hunter Wildlife Rescue charity.

Can play the guitar, piano, bass, and drums.

It took him 8 years to write the songs for his album Pipe Dreams.

Dianna Agron's nickname for him is 'Ookie'.

He has a dog named Hank.

Has a dog named Noah Saw Salling and Lea Michele helped him pick out that name.

Top 40/70 in Sexiest & Hottest Men in 2011.

Good friends with Rob Kardashian (Kim Kardashian's brother). They usually hang out together or play golf.

Good friends of Dianna Agron, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chord Overstreet.

He has played piano since age 5, and he can also play drums, guitar, and bass.

Personal Quotes

[on his most memorable moment filming Glee] I can think of two moments. One moment would be shooting a scene with Kristen Chenowith where she is singing. I was sitting right in front of her and she was just belting it out. She can let loose like no other! She's singing a song and it was pretty much directly to me. I was sitting right in front of her and she was singing it to the group of people I was in. It was one of those moments where I thought, "Wow! How did I end up here?" She is so beautiful and talented.

[on his hairstyle for Glee] I had knee surgery about four months before the audition, and I cut my hair in a mohawk. I don't know why, but I did. So I decided to do it again for this audition because of this part; maybe it would make me stand out from the rest of the guys. Lo and behold, it worked out. And now I'm stuck with it.

I've been playing piano since I was 5, and started writing when I was 6 or 7. It was never a revelation I had, it was just what I did. Playing music was always a part of my life, I don't know anything else.

You don't really have time to watch TV if you work on TV.

Date of Birth
16 May 1969, Buffalo, New York, USA

Birth Name
David Paul Boreanaz


6' 1" (1.85 m)

Mini Biography

David was born in Buffalo, New York and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At the young age of seven he decide to be an actor, which eventually led him to study cinema and photography at Ithaca College in New York. After graduating from college, David moved to Los Angeles in order to pursue a career in the movies. After some uncredited roles he received his first important role as Kelly's boyfriend in the series "Married with Children" (1987). After three seasons of playing Angel in the hit series "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997), he received his own spin-off show titled "Angel" (1999).
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Jaime Bergman     (24 November 2001 - present) 2 children
Ingrid Quinn     (7 June 1997 - 1999) (divorced)


Was discovered while walking his dog.

Sued by ex-landlord for allegedly trashing a house; denies the charge. [5 November 1998]

Graduated from Ithaca College with a degree from the Roy H. Park School of Communications. [1991]

On People (USA) magazine's '50 Most Beautiful' list. [1999]

He is suing the driver of a car, Oren Kaniel, that crashed into his 1999 Mercedes-Benz on the Ventura Freeway in Los Angeles, north of Western Avenue, on Aug. 3 1999. He is seeking damages for pain and suffering, medical care, loss of earnings, repairs to his car, being deprived of his car while it was fixed, and damage to his personal property. [July 2000]

Announced engagement to Jaime Bergman. [August 2001]

Married actress Jaime Bergman on Thanksgiving Day 2001 in a very private and familiar ceremony.

He was supposed to marry Jaime Bergman in September 2001, but, because of terrorists attacks on September 11, the wedding was postponed.

His wife, Jaime Bergman, gave birth to their first child, a son, Jaden Rayne. [1 May 2002]

Ironically, played a vampire's victim in the movie Macabre Pair of Shorts (1996).

He attended Malvern Preparatory School for Boys in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

Playing the role of Angelus on "Angel" (1999) for February sweeps in 2003, Boreanaz ad libbed a lot of his lines. Co-star Amy Acker said in an interview, "I think it's great; he has so much fun playing that character. It's a lot of improvisation and taking risks. You never know what he's going to say; it changes from take to take." [January 23, 2003].

Appeared with Kristine Sutherland (Joyce Summers), Nicholas Brendon (Xander), and Mark Lutz (Groosalugg) at the Angel and Buffy Convention held at the Brighton Centre in Brighton, England, 29 August, 2003.

His uncle and godfather is Art Moore. Art is also the godfather of his son, Jaden Rayne.

His favorite actress is Gwyneth Paltrow and his favorite actors are Al Pacino and Gary Oldman.

Named #2 of the Top Ten Sexiest Men of the Buffy / Angel universe in a fan poll by the Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanzine (2004).

One of two actors to appear on both first episodes of Joss Whedon's "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) and spin-off show "Angel" (1999) (the other being Charisma Carpenter), as well as one of two actors to appear in both last episodes of the two sister shows, the other being James Marsters (Spike).

Ranked #21 in TV Guide's list of "TV's 25 Greatest Teen Idols" (23 January 2005 issue).

Son of Philadelphia weatherman / actor Dave Roberts (David Thomas Boreanaz) and mom, Patti.

According to his friends and family, while they both share a passion for justice, a selfless desire to help others, and a strong sense of right and wrong, they say the friendly, humorous David is very little like his most famous character, the dark, brooding Angel.

He and Christian Kane are the only two actors to appear in both the very first and last episode of "Angel" (1999).

Is one of Christian Kane's best friends. They have been friends since before David became Angel on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997).

His father, Dave Roberts (David Thomas Boreanaz), was known as Dave Thomas in Buffalo. He was the host of "Rocketship 7", a local children's program (which also featured "Promo the Robot"). He was also co-host of "Dialing for Dollars", another local program.

Was offered the opportunity to play "Bruce Wayne" in Batman Begins (2005) but turned it down.

If he wasn't an actor he would be an architect.

Loves animals (especially dogs).

Has two dogs named Fritz and Bertha Blue.

Before he pursued a career in acting, he had the opportunity to train with Jack Lambert of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He has two older sisters named Beth Boreanaz and Bo Boreanaz. His sister, Bo, is married to Jonathon Slavin.

He has a niece named Caledonia, born in 1994 and a nephew named Griffin, born in 1997.

When he was a child, his family moved to Villanova, PA in 1978, when his father got a job on WPVI, Channel 6.

Attended Rosemont School of the Holy Child and graduated at age 14 in 1983.

Awarded the Young Alumni award in 2001 from Ithaca College.

His son, Jaden Rayne, was born on May 1st 2002 at 12.59am, weighing 8lb 9oz.

Likes to collect different sorts of London style shoes.

Loves to cook healthy meals. Discussed his culinary abilities while cooking sardines with Martha Stewart as her talk show guest.

Before becoming an actor he worked as a parking attendant, house painter, handing out towels in a sports club, and props department assistant.

According to a December, 2006, New York Times article, Boreanaz grew angry about playground bullying when he was young, and went on to become offensive end and defensive back for his Catholic high school football team. Fortunately for his fans, he decided to become an actor rather than a professional athlete.

As a kid, he was a ball boy for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Was bullied as a child; later became a strapping offensive end and a defensive back for his Catholic high school's football team, the Malvern Prep Friars.

His favorite hockey team is the Philadelphia Flyers. He frequently calls into WIP Sports Talk, in Philadelphia, to talk about them.

His mother is Slovakian, his father is an Italian Catholic.

Announced that he and wife, Jaime Bergman, are expecting their second child [March 11, 2009].

David has a Kanji tattoo on each wrist, one means "Soul" and the other means "Destiny". His wife, Jaime Bergman has the matching tattoos. You can see them in two "Angel" (1999) episodes - "Angel: Lullaby (#3.9)" (2001) and "Angel: Orpheus (#4.15)" (2003). The tattoo makes it first appearance in "Bones: The Man in the Bear (#1.4)" (2005), at the end while he's trying to eat breakfast with Dr. Brennan.

Announced that the baby he and his wife are expecting in September 2009 is a girl [July 27, 2009].

Daughter, Bardot Vita Boreanaz, born August 31, 2009. She weighed 7 lbs. 14 oz.

Was the original choice for the character Matt Addison in Resident Evil (2002), but turned down the part due to scheduling conflicts with his TV series "Angel" (1999).

Is very good friends with his "Bones" (2005) co-star Emily Deschanel.

Admitted his infidelity with Tiger Woods mistress, Rachel Uchitel [May 4, 2010].

The sexual-harassment lawsuit, brought against him by Kristina Hagan, has been settled. His attorney was Marty Singer [March 30, 2011].

His mother is a travel agent and his father is weatherman for ABC owned WPVI-TV.

Is of Slovak, Irish, German, Swiss, Italian and French descent.

Personal Quotes

[on missing Sarah Michelle Gellar] "I loved working with Sarah... Sarah is great. A great person. Without Sarah I wouldn't be standing here right now. So I owe her a lot."

[From "Late Show with David Letterman" (1993) on his view on L.A.] "I see L.A. as a beautiful blonde with dirty underwear"

"I'd have to say, I can share Cordelia's pain".

"[on the subject of hipness] It's just one of those things. It's like buttering an English muffin. An English muffin is hip. Because it's so good".

[on appearing as Angel in the very last "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) episode:] "I pretty much slid right back in. It was another day of work. I'm not big with reunions, but it was fine."

[on his divorce from Ingrid Quinn:] It was great at first, but soon became a real burden. Ingrid found it tough to cope with the fact that all of a sudden I'd become public property as opposed to her husband. [June 9, 2003]

[When told that Amy Acker told a reporter that he sometimes flashes his fellow stars:] "Yeah, I pull my trousers down in the middle of a serious take to see if they can keep a straight face. I need to lighten the moment, I guess."

[on hearing that The WB, which canceled the series, has offered to return to "Angel" (1999) with occasional TV movies or a miniseries] "As far as returning to the show for a reunion, I could probably put that to bed now: I have no interest in doing that. It would have to be a bigger challenge, rather than going back to something." (May 13, 2004)

[on being cast in "Bones" (2005)] I have love and admiration for what I've done in the past, but I'm looking forward to playing this character, Seeley Booth. He's a simple guy on the outside - a cheeseburger and black cup of coffee guy. Inside, he's conflicted. (September 13, 2005)

[on the sexual tension between Booth and Brennan in "Bones" (2005)] The potential for their personal lives entering into their professional lives is, I just think, dynamic. I think we all remember when we would watch "Moonlighting" (1985). You never remembered what crimes the characters were solving and, to me, that is character work. (November 22, 2006)

[on almost turning down the part of Seeley in "Bones" (2005)] I had a difficult first meeting with [the producers] because I'm pretty frank. I was kind of in the mentality of, "This is who I am. This is me. I can offer this. But you don't have your leading lady yet." ... For me, I come from a stock of family [where] my handshake is better than a contract. And I've gotten burnt a lot on that, but I wear my heart on my sleeve and I will continue to. ... I looked at it as an opportunity to take a character, mold him and take a lot of chances. ... I personally am kind of sticking towards the attitude of what it's like to walk the fine line of potentially having a '69 Chevelle with a 396 under the hood and 375 horsepower, and the fine line of being correct as an FBI officer. (November 22, 2006) And I was kind of conflicted with some of the ideas of 'Is this going to be recent bones or . . . a recently decomposed body?' It just didn't feel right.

I didn't come from a traditional background of studying theater and doing Shakespeare. (December 27, 2006)

[about his character Seeley Booth] He's a stand-up, blue-collar guy. I know the blue collar mentality. You meet these guys, you make friends, that's all stuff that I have.

[on working with acting coach Ivana Chubbuck:] I'm learning more how to do that now, draw on my own experience. It's a style she teaches that makes sense to me. I didn't know this could be so much fun. (New York Times, December 27, 2006)

[about his mother] I always thought of her as Doris Day. (New York Times, December 27, 2006)

For me, what I was doing with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) and "Angel" (1999), it was all about the pain and the torture and the sense of being in the alleyway. Not to take anything away from it, but those were some learning, hard, difficult times when I didn't know what the hell I was doing. (New York Times, December 27, 2006)

I didn't grow up as child actor. I was fortunate to find this show with a small character that grew into this huge cult thing. I was like, "Let's ride it." (New York Times, December 27, 2006)

(2002) I like downtown cities, but L.A. doesn't really have one, so you have to go look for it. But you can go down there and just experience Broadway. There's a lot of stuff going on. Chinatown is fascinating. There's a restaurant that I always go to, and it's like being in San Francisco's Chinatown.

(2002) I like to escape to hotels. I'm pretty much a hotel fanatic, whether it's the Peninsula Hotel--where the people are great and it's the lap of luxury--or the Chateau Marmont. I could easily escape to a hotel for a weekend and do absolutely nothing. Just sitting in the lobby and watching people come in and out is entertaining. I can use the spa. You kind of find yourself wanting to stay once you're in the door. I've just always liked hotels. I like the bed and the sheets and everything that comes along with it.

I was walking my dog and a talent scout saw me on the street. Then from there, I got my manager, which led to me getting my first acting jobs. ... He was trying to pick me up. It was a guy, he was homosexual. You know, he knew off the bat when he met me that I was very into females, so he knew he was going to strike out on that one. But I did some research and saw he was a reputable guy. So, yeah, walking my dog kind of led me to acting. (interview in Smoke Magazine, Spring, 2008)

Where Are They Now

(May 2011) Hershey PA - David and his father, Dave Roberts were awarded the 2011 Gold Medal by the PA Association of Broadcasters at the Hershey Hotel. This was the first, and possibly only time, that father and son will be honored with this award.

Date of Birth
30 October 1978, Fort Ord, California, USA

Birth Name
Matthew James Morrison

Matty Fresh

6' (1.83 m)

Mini Biography

Matthew Morrison knew he wanted to be an entertainer after participating in a theatre camp as a child. He attended NYU's TISCH School of the arts in the CAP21 program before joining the cast of Footloose. He was a member of the boy band LMNT, briefly, before he redevoted himself to Broadway in Rocky Horror. Hairspray has been his big break.
IMDb Mini Biography By: Christina Trivigno

Mini Biography

It took a summer of acting in a children's theater group to convince Matthew Morrison that he wanted to become an actor. He auditioned and attended Orange County High School of the Arts, and followed that with NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, although he didn't enjoy his college foray. Despite a regulation that students couldn't audition in the first two years at NYU, he got himself an agent and dropped out from NYU. His musical debut was in the musical version of Footloose which was then followed by The Rocky Horror Picture Show. His big break, however, was in Hairspray when he landed the part of Link Larkin. It was after this role he made a debut into the television and film world, with small roles in Sex and the City, Hack, Encino Man, and others. His self-proclaimed favorite role he did in television was in 'Once Upon a Mattress', which was a musical for TV that starred Carol Burnett. He was nominated for a Tony for his role in The Light in the Piazza, and eventually left the show in late 2005. He dabbled some more in roles between the television, film, and theater world. After starring in the Lincoln Center production of South Pacific as Lt. Cable in 2008, he took on the role of "Will Schuester" in the upcoming Fox series 'Glee' which premiers Fall 2009.
IMDb Mini Biography By: Brianna E

Trade Mark

Curly Hair

His Smile


He worked at the Gap in New York City before joining the cast of "Footloose" on Broadway.

Tony nomination for his role as Fabrizio Naccarelli in "The Light in the Piazza" musical by Craig Lucas and Adam Guettel.

In addition to doing school plays and musicals in high school, he was a soccer player, president of the school, and prom king.

Personal Quotes

[When asked in an interview whether the widespread rumor that he is John Wayne's grandson is true] Oh, God! That is just a rumor, but I would have no shame in perpetuating it. I'll be John Wayne's grandson! You know, his real name was Marion Morrison -- and if you look at pictures of him and me, it's quite uncanny.

[on the newer movie version of Hairspray] I've heard the rumor about John Travolta playing Edna Turnblad and it'd be interesting, but I want Harvey [Fierstein] to do it; he's the man - or woman - for the job. They might see me for Link, but they'd probably go for Justin Timberlake.

[on working on Broadway] - There were all these beautiful, beautiful dancers. As a straight guy I had some room. There were the shared interests in singing and dancing, and I always find dancing with someone very evocative and sexual. I definitely hooked up with a lot of girls when I was a young guy on Broadway. It was exciting. Very joyous and free.

I'm not comfortable with the idea of my sex appeal, but I know in my job I have to use it. I wish I could say I got to this point in my career based on my talent, but I don't think that's true.

Where Are They Now

(January 2003) Starring as Link Larkin in the Broadway musical "Hairspray"

(September 2004) Currently filming an ABC made for TV movie, "Once Upon a Mattress" with Carol Burnett, Denis O'Hare, Tracy Ullman and Zooey Deschanel.

(April 2005) Starring in Tony-nominated musical The Light in the Piazza.

(October 2005) Performing in comedy A Naked Girl in the Appian Way.

(May 2009) Filming the new Fox show 'Glee', which premiers in Fall 2009.

Date of Birth
13 January 1966, Lewiston, Maine, USA

Birth Name
Patrick Galen Dempsey

Dr. McDreamy

5' 10½" (1.79 m)

Mini Biography

Patrick Dempsey has lived two charming but separate lives on film and television. From an exuberant, somewhat awkward charmer in college comedy films of the late 1980s and early 1990s, he has morphed spectacularly into a dreamy, wavy-haired television hunk of the new-age millennium and this seductive new image has since spilled off into romantic lead roles back on the large screen as a slightly offbeat, self-effacing Prince Charming type. Irish-American Patrick Galen Dempsey was born on January 13, 1966 in Lewiston, Maine. The youngest of three, his father, William, an insurance agent, and mother Amanda, a school secretary, raised the children in Buckfield (Maine). Patrick, who was diagnosed as dyslexic (he has to fully memorize his scripts), attended St. Dominic Regional High School but dropped out before graduating.

Always interested in entertainment, Patrick studied juggling and entered several competitions. Acting was also a natural for him and, at age 15, he earned the role of the rebellious son in a Maine production of "On Golden Pond". Two years later, he won a prime role as David, the gay teen, in the Harvey Fierstein play "Torch Song Trilogy", spending several months touring the San Francisco area with the show. In between he, found supplementary gigs dancing and juggling. More opportunities came his way after winning the protagonist role of Neil Simon's "Brighton Beach Memoirs" that toured in 1984. Directed by the renowned comedy favorite Gene Saks, Dempsey started looking at the possibility of film work.

He made his movie debit in the secondary part of a Catholic student in the 1960s-era school-age comedy Heaven Help Us (1985) starring "Brat Pack" actor Andrew McCarthy. More silliness followed with Meatballs III: Summer Job (1986) and a ripe turn in the socially aware television-movie "Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color: A Fighting Choice (#30.10)" (1986) in which he played an epileptic teen who sues his parents (Beau Bridges and Karen Valentine) in order to have risky brain surgery. Around the same time, he found himself in a television series entitled "Fast Times" (1986), based on the ultimate school-age film Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982), which made a star out of Sean Penn. Inheriting the Robert Romanus cool guy role of con artist Mike Damone, expectations were far too big and the television series died a quick death.

However, his movie career got on a faster track and he scored well co-starring with the worldly Beverly D'Angelo in the movie In the Mood (1987), as a young man who makes headlines pursuing older women. Life resembled art that same year when Patrick married actress and drama coach Rocky Parker, who played a bit part in the film. He was 21 and she was 48. By this time, his trademark cuteness and appeal started taking shape. The youthful 21-year old Patrick played a nerd role next in the very funny high school comedy Can't Buy Me Love (1987) with Amanda Peterson. A movie favorite for many, Patrick had reached the peak of his early career popularity. He showed a more serious side in the World War II-era drama In a Shallow Grave (1988), which presented a Cyrano de Bergerac-like storyline with Patrick as the Christian de Neuvillette counterpart, but then he went straight back to familiar territory with the college-themed comedies Some Girls (1988) with Jennifer Connelly, Loverboy (1989), and Happy Together (1989).

Stretching more in the 1990s, Patrick co-starred on stage in a 1991 production of "The Subject Was Roses" (playing the Martin Sheen film role) as the World War II soldier readjusting to civilian life with his parents (Dana Ivey and "Frasier" co-star John Mahoney). Films included the cross-country comedy-drama Coupe de Ville (1990), the action thriller Run (1991), Mobsters (1991), in which he made a stab at playing major Mafioso Meyer Lansky, Face the Music (1993) opposite "Brat Pack" femme Molly Ringwald, the title role in Bank Robber (1993), and the Mark Twain family-geared Ava's Magical Adventure (1998), co-directed by Patrick and wife Rocky. However, the couple divorced that same year. On television, Patrick played a young John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the miniseries J.F.K.: Reckless Youth (1993) (TV), Pierre Arronax in the television remake of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1997/II) (TV), and Raskolnikov in a small screen version of Crime and Punishment (1998) (TV). The rest of the decade on film was less newsworthy with co-starring or featured movie roles in Hugo Pool (1997), Denial (1998/II), Life in the Fast Lane (1998) and Me and Will (1999).

It was television that gave Patrick a shot in the arm as he progressed into the new millennium. A recurring role as Will's closeted sportscaster amour in the sitcom "Will & Grace" (1998) presented Patrick in a more mature, wry and sexier fashion. Another recurring role in "Once and Again" (1999) earned him a dramatic Emmy nomination in 2001 as Outstanding Guest Actor, and a third on "The Practice" (1997) was also extremely well-received. While the romantic comedy film Sweet Home Alabama (2002) opposite Reese Witherspoon really nailed the direction Dempsey was headed, the medical series "Grey's Anatomy" (2005), as neurosurgeon Dr. Derek Shepherd (aka "Dr. McDreamy"), gave distaff audiences the whole heartthrob package. The perfect vehicle to showcase his undeniable charisma and sharp talent for offbeat comedy, he is a two-time Golden Globe nominee and his popularity has absolutely skyrocketed. This reawakening has also swung the door open again on high-profile film offers, registering with the ladies once again in a number of light leading man parts, notably Enchanted (2007) and Made of Honor (2008).

Off-camera, Dempsey married a second time in 1999, to make-up artist and Delux Beauty founder Jillian Dempsey. The couple have three children: daughter, Tallulah Fyfe (born 2002), and twin sons Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick (born 2007). An avid sports car racer (he has participated in the Indianapolis and Daytona Beach events), he showed off a more humanitarian side when he started the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing in his hometown of Lewiston after his mother developed ovarian cancer. Befittingly, he has produced a sexy men's fragrance line by Avon called "Unscripted".
IMDb Mini Biography By: Gary Brumburgh /

Jillian Dempsey     (31 July 1999 - present) 3 children
Rocky Parker     (24 August 1987 - 26 April 1994) (divorced)

Trade Mark

Curly black hair

Soft blue eyes


Lived in Buckfield, Maine, and attended Buckfield High School.

As a teenager, placed third in his age group at the National Jugglers Convention. Aspired to attend Clown College.

At the time of his first marriage, he was 21 and his bride was 48.

Enjoys collecting antiques, remodeling homes, and skiing in his spare time.

Attended St. Dominic's Regional High School in his hometown of Lewiston, Maine.

In his first marriage, with Rocky Parker, he had a stepson who is a year older than he is.

His first wife, Rocky Parker, is the mother of his best friend, actor Corey Parker, and Noelle Parker.

Daughter, Tallula Fyfe Dempsey (born February 20, 2002) with wife, Jillian Dempsey.

Auditioned for the role of "Dr. Gregory House" on "House M.D." (2004).

Currently co-owner of Indycar Series team Vision Racing (February 2006)

Wife, Jillian Dempsey, gave birth to twin boys, Darby Galen Dempsey and Sullivan Patrick Dempsey, on February 1, 2007.

Voted #13 in Elle (France) Magazine's "15 Sexiest Men" poll (June 2007).

Tried out for the role of Duckie in Pretty in Pink (1986).

Driver of Pace Car at 91st Indianapolis 500; May 27, 2007.

Visited Amsterdam during the European promotion tour for Made of Honor (2008). [May 20, 2008]

As a teenager growing up in Maine, he was a state champion downhill skier who trained for a place on the Olympic team.

Visited Sao Paulo, Brazil for the launch of his second fragrance Patrick Dempsey 2, exclusive for Avon. [May 2010]

In 2006, Dempsey admitted that he was diagnosed with dyslexia when he was 12 years old.


Personal Quotes

One day my 3-year-old daughter said, 'You're very handsome, Poppy.' That was the best compliment ever.

"I'd come in with this bitter attitude. It's not an escape, because I feel this disappointment, this jealousy." - on why he couldn't stand to go to the movies during his decade-long career-drought.

People sometimes mistake being serious with being taken seriously. And, sure, if you have a political point of view, you have every right to share it. But you have to be careful not to get too self-important. You have to find the balance between being entertaining and being preachy. And you're seeing that at the box office. People aren't buying it any more. There's a time and a place, and what we need right now is a little more positivity.

Freedom Writers (2007)     $500,000
Enchanted (2007)     $750,000
Made of Honor (2008)     $4,000,000
"Grey's Anatomy" (2005)     $225,000/episode (2007-08)

Where Are They Now

(June 2004) Driving a Panoz GTS race car in the Panoz GT Pro Racing Series. He was seen participating in race #2 of the 2004 racing season at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on June 27, 2004.

Date of Birth
9 November 1972, San Francisco, California, USA

Birth Name
Eric William Dane

Dr. McSteamy

6' 1" (1.85 m)

Mini Biography

Eric Dane is an American actor known as "Dr. Mark Sloan" on "Grey's Anatomy" (2005) and as a co-star in Marley & Me (2008) and Valentine's Day (2010/I).

He was born Eric William Dane on November 9, 1972, in San Francisco, California. He is the older of two brothers. His father is an architect and interior designer based in San Francisco. His mother, Leah, was a homemaker. Young Eric Dane was a good athlete in high school. There, he started amateur stage work by playing "Joe Keller" in Arthur Miller's "All My Sons", and realized that this was all he wanted to do.

He moved to Los Angeles and made his television debut in 1993 on "The Wonder Years" (1988). In his early career, he also played bit parts on the TV series "Married with Children" (1987) (1995), "Silk Stalkings" (1991) (1996) and "Roseanne" (1988) (1996). Dane played medical doctors more than once, first appearing as a "Dr. Cooper" in "Gideon's Crossing" (2000). From 2003-2004, he has been a recurrent guest star as "Jason Dean" in the hit show "Charmed" (1998). In 2006, he appeared as handsome "Dr. Mark Sloan", the plastic surgeon on the show "Grey's Anatomy" (2005). Dane landed his first leading role on the big screen in the German-made feature, Open Water 2: Adrift (2006).

On October 29, 2004, in Las Vegas, Eric Dane married actress Rebecca Gayheart, who was previously engaged to producer/director Brett Ratner, the director of X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). In it, Dane plays the character of "Jamie Madrox", the Multiple Man. Dane and Gayheart became the parents of a girl on March 3, 2010 in Los Angeles.
IMDb Mini Biography By: Steve Shelokhonov

Rebecca Gayheart     (29 October 2004 - present) 2 children


Best friends with Balthazar Getty and is the godfather of Getty's son, Cassius.

Eric and wife Rebecca Gayheart introduced Charlie Sheen to his wife, Brooke Mueller.

Expecting his first child with wife Rebecca Gayheart [September 28, 2009].

He and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, became the parents of a girl, Billie Beatrice Dane, on March 3, 2010, in Los Angeles.

Had voluntarily checked himself into a L.A. rehab clinic to battle an addiction to painkillers [July 20, 2011].

Eric and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart, are expecting their second child [July 9, 2011].

His father is from a Scots-Irish background and his mother is Russian.

Birth of his second child, a daughter, Georgia Geraldine Dane on December 28, 2011.

X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)     $150,000
Open Water 2: Adrift (2006)     $150,000
Marley & Me (2008)     $500,000

Where Are They Now

(October 2006) Co-starring on the hit TV show "Grey's Anatomy" (2005).

(March 2008) Filming Marley & Me (2008) in South Florida.

Date of Birth
15 December 1979, San Diego, California, USA

Birth Name
Adam Jared Brody

5' 11" (1.80 m)

Mini Biography

Born and raised in San Diego, California, Adam Brody spent a lot of his teen years hanging out with his friends, having fun and surfing. Upon graduation, he convinced his parents to allow him to attend college in Los Angeles. However, instead of enrolling in school, he hired an acting coach, signed with a personal manager and soon landed the lead in the NBC movie-of-the-week, Growing Up Brady (2000) (TV), playing Barry Williams (Greg Brady). Soon after, Brody was cast as the lead in the MTV cult series Now What? His television credits also include a recurring role as Coop in ABC's "Once and Again" (1999); a recurring role as Dave in the WB's Emmy-nominated "Gilmore Girls" (2000); and standout guest starring roles in "Judging Amy" (1999), "Family Law" (1999) and "Smallville" (2001). Brody also starred in the Fox television series "The O.C." (2003), playing the son of Peter Gallagher's character.

In addition to starring in the skateboarding movie Grind (2003), Brody's feature film credits include a very small role in the 2002 hit thriller The Ring (2002) and the dynamic lead role as Patrick in Missing Brendan (2003), opposite Edward Asner and Illeana Douglas.
IMDb Mini Biography By: Risin_Outlaw

Trade Mark

Frequently plays nerdy-type characters


Plays the drums in a band called Big Japan (formerly called Steven's Team). Claims his drumming is more like practice instead of actual drumming.

Loves indie rock and jazz. His taste in music is the same as that of his character on "The O.C." (2003), Seth Cohen.

Graduated from Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego, California.

Attended MiraCosta College in Oceanside, California.

Has fraternal twin brothers, Matt and Sean.

Was named one of Teen People's 25 Hottest Stars Under 25 (shared the honor with castmates Mischa Barton, Ben McKenzie, and Rachel Bilson)

Was the 9th hottest guy on Elle Girl's 50 Hottest Guys list

Has a dog named Penny Lane.

Is the first male actor to pose for the cover of Elle Girl magazine.

Portrayed "Greg Brady" in a parody sketch on "The Amanda Show" (1999), while portraying the actor Barry Williams (who played Greg in real life) in Growing Up Brady (2000) (TV).

Roommate is Bret Harrison, who guest-starred on "The O.C.: The Rivals (#1.17)" (2004).

Named one of People Magazine's "50 Hottest Bachelors" in 2003, 2004, and 2005.

Voted number 1 in UK CosmoGIRL as pin-up sex-symbol

Portrayed a character named 'Barry Gilmore" in an episode of "Judging Amy" (1999), then went on to have a recurring character on "Gilmore Girls" (2000).

Named the seventieth in Independent Oline's 100 Sexiest Men Alive.

Voted by Fans all over the world as Elle Girl Magazine Coolest TV Star and Coolest Guy Celeb.

Split with his girlfriend of over two years, his "The O.C." (2003) co-star Rachel Bilson [December 5, 2006].

Mentioned in an interview that Brad Pitt once approached him and told him that he loved the movie Grind (2003).

One of the People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive in 2004.

Is only 14 years younger than Kelly Rowan, who plays his mother on "The O.C." (2003).

Was named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2004.

Was to star in and co-produce a 2007 remake of Revenge of the Nerds (1984) but after three weeks of filming the project was canceled.

An aficionado of Dean Martin's and Frank Sinatra's music, and old horror movies.

He loves watching movies, especially classic movies.

Adam's favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004).

He loves movie-making and interested in writing and directing.

He likes Death Cab for Cutie, Bright Eyes, Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Arctic Monkeys.

Adam's Favorite books are "Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger, "The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay" by Michael Chabon, "Less than Zero" by Bret Easton Ellis.

He likes watching "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" (1996) and "Entourage" (2004).

He owns a horse.

Studied with Amy Lyndon.

Love 1940s, 1950s, 1960s jazz and is a big fan of Chet Baker.

Based his performance in Jennifer's Body (2009) mainly on Brandon Flowers of The Killers, Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and Jared Leto of 30 Seconds to Mars.

Personal Quotes

I just graduated from high school, and I was working at Blockbuster. Not only did I get into movies while I was there, but I was putting away boxes and looking at the kids on the covers, it felt like windows into these seemingly perfect lives.

"I'll never have a more life changing year than last year than this last one (2003- 2004). I could win an Oscar and it wouldn't alter my daily life as much as "The O.C." (2003) has".

"You know how in The Fugitive (1993), when Harrison Ford hears sirens, he'll just subtly steer the other way? I do that when I see groups of teenage girls".

I love movie-making. I'm interested in writing and directing, and I've dabbled, but I haven't done anything I care to brag about. Yet.

I wish I came from a more pure place. I don't have something to say from the bottom of my soul. I just know how to take stuff I like and repackage it in a slightly different way.

I don't want to be one of those guys who's known for his love life and not his work.

I was giving away movies all day, and it looked really interesting. I was not into school, there wasn't anything I wanted to do. The only thing in my career counseling class that looked at all interesting was acting. I was kind of drifting. I thought maybe I'd own a surf shop.

It's very important to me to love what I do. It was important to me to find a career that I truly enjoy. You can find something that sort of excites you, that's half the battle of life.

I'd like to write a little bit. If I could trade being an actor for a writer, I'd rather be a writer. But I don't know if I'm I'm any good at it

Life is so fleeting in a way - and it's unlike me, because I'm very driven, and I get a little obsessive - but I am trying to be very Zen about it. Just enjoy it.

And, honestly, who cares if you get a good movie or not? I feel like I'm in semi-retirement already a little bit. I'm 27, and I have a house. I've decided that I'm happy with my lot in life.

[on fame] When all this started I was worried I'd become addicted to the wrong things. I don't mean drugs, but I thought I might become an egomaniac. I will admit that I've caught myself about to act like a diva But I try to keep myself in check.

Date of Birth
12 September 1978, Austin, Texas, USA

Birth Name
Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan

5' 9" (1.75 m)

Mini Biography

Benjamin McKenzie (Schenkkan) was born in Austin, Texas on September 12, 1978. He attended Austin High School, and played wide receiver and defensive back for the school's football team. From 1997-2001, he attended the University of Virginia, where he majored in Foreign Affairs and Economics.

McKenzie got into acting during his first few years at the University of Virginia, where he appeared in "Measure for Measure" and "Zoo Story." After graduation he moved to New York and appeared off-Broadway in "Life is a Dream" at the SoHo Rep. Additionally, he performed in numerous productions at the Williamstown Theatre Festival, including "Street Scene" and "The Blue Bird." He relocated to Los Angeles in late 2001. His early TV appearances included roles on The District, JAG and Mad TV.

In 2003, FOX premiered the television series The O.C., about affluent teenagers with stormy personal lives who reside in scenic Orange County, California. The show became an overnight success and it put McKenzie on the map as Ryan Atwood.

While appearing in 'The O.C.', McKenzie made his feature film debut in 'Junebug' opposite Amy Adams. The film received high praise at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. He also appeared in a pivotal role in the 2007 film '88 Minutes', which starred Al Pacino. McKenzie's first starring role in a feature film was in the 2008 indie release 'Johnny Got His Gun.' The movie premiered at the Paramount Theater in Austin, TX, McKenzie's hometown, prior to playing art houses where it garnered excellent reviews for his solo performance.

April 9, 2009 NBC replaced the long-running series 'E.R.' after 15 years with a new cop drama, Southland, starring McKenzie as rookie police officer Ben Sherman.
IMDb Mini Biography By: Sarah Rahman <>


Uncle is Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan

Education: Austin High, graduated 1997; University of Virginia, bachelor's degree 2001

His paternal grandparents both did some acting when they were young. His 22-year-old brother Nate is a Yale graduate working in avant-garde theater in New York. Younger brother Zack, 19, is attending Pomona College, a half-hour away from Los Angeles, and still pondering his future.

He followed his father and grandfather to the University of Virginia, where he graduated in 2001 with a degree in economics and foreign relations.

He changed his name for screen-credit purposes because there's an actor named Ben Schenkman registered with the Screen Actors Guild.

Son of Austin attorney Pieter Schenkkan and poet-writer Mary Frances Victory.

Has a manager, publicist and lawyer on the payroll (he's shopping for a new agent now that his career is taking off)

He recently moved into a new apartment in Santa Monica and bought a sleek new Infiniti G35, which he concedes he spends more on than housing.

Moved to New York City three weeks before 9/11

While in New York he waited tables to help support himself and shared a bunk bed in a cramped apartment in the city.

Mother: Frances Schenkkan will begin the master's program in creative writing at the University of Texas in the fall. She's been a newspaper reporter and editor, and in the 1980s she served on the Austin Planning Commission and the board of the Austin Child Guidance Center. She is a recipient of the Adele Steiner Burleson prize in poetry at the university. She and husband Pieter have three sons, Ben, Nate, and Zack.

He graduated from the same high school in Austin that the Bush twins (Jenna and Barbara) graduated from. He was a senior the year they were freshmen.

Second cousin of Sarah Drew

Was a speaker at the Democratic National Convention on July 27, 2004.

Was voted one of InStyle's "10 Hottest Bachelors Of Summer" in July 2005, placing at number 10.

One of his grandfathers, Robert F. ("Bob") Schenkkan, was an early proponent of both PBS and NPR. In recognition of his work, Austin, Texas' public radio and television stations KUT-FM and KLRU-TV hosted a 90th birthday celebration for him in March 2007, at which McKenzie and many of Schenkkan's other grandchildren spoke.

Played football with (quarterback of the New Orleans Saints) Drew Brees at Austin High School and then against Drew Brees when Drew transferred to a rival school. Is now a Saints fan.

Close friends with Paul Wesley.

Is of Dutch and Irish descent.

Personal Quotes

"I've always been kind of a loner. Continue to be. So, in that sense, Ryan and I are the same. I played football in Texas, but I didn't really hang out with the jocks. I did honors courses, but I didn't hang out with those kids, either. I sort of had my own group I hung with occasionally, but I've always been kind of by myself." - When asked about his high school experience.

It's a Fox thing, the bad-boy image. They're trying to type me out. There are worse things in life, you know. I'm just really excited about the opportunity.

"It's against type in the sense of my background, but it's with type in the sense that I am a loner who's new to this business and skeptical about a lot of it." When discussing differences between Ryan Atwood and himself.

"I'm somewhat puzzled about that myself. I did theater in college, so I had already started down that path, but I didn't want to major in theater at U. Va. I didn't really know what I wanted to do, so I thought I'd get a good education and do some acting at the same time" Explaining why he majored in Economics and Foreign Affairs and not theater.

Sometimes those fears (about fame) creep into the back of your head, but then you slap yourself and think, 'Oh, woe is me! People actually like me.' What a silly thing to worry about. This is a huge opportunity, and I'm excited.

I had one year of struggle. My parents were always there, but I didn't want to rely on them. Now it's moving pretty fast. I'm not rich, but obviously this is fantastic. All I know to do with money is put it in a shoe box anyway.

This whole scene is very strange. It's a very strange town and a very strange business, and it has a tendency to creep me out. Ryan's relationship with Orange County is very similar to my relationship with L.A.: fabulous wealth, and odd people behaving oddly, and I'm definitely a bit overwhelmed. I hope I'm hiding it well.

"I don't like the whole trend of people in the business treating marriage like entertainment. It's either for publicity value or because they're bored. Because they haven't done a movie in a few months, they get married instead." - On Young Hollywood weddings.

[When a Newsweek interviewer asked McKenzie if he thinks The OC should end with Ryan and Marissa getting married] "I've always pushed for the big marriage that the whole entire audience has always seen coming. Ryan and Seth walk down the aisle hand in hand."

"The O.C." (2003)     Between $15,000 and $25,000 per-episode.

 Date of Birth
1 November 1976, Charleston, South Carolina, USA

5' 11" (1.80 m)

Mini Biography

Logan is a native of Charleston, South Carolina. His parents are both drama teachers. His mother, Lowry Marshall, is the artistic director of Brown University's repertory-theater department.

Logan graduated with a Master's in Fine Arts from New York University's Graduate Acting Program at the Tisch School of the Arts.

He made a few appearances in Law and Order, before landing recurring roles on "The O.C." (2003) and "24" (2001). His breakthrough role came in Ridley Scott's Prometheus (2012/I).
IMDb Mini Biography By: Kad


Attended high school in Rhode Island.

Twin brother of Taylor Marshall-Green.

Often performs theater notably at the Williams Theater Festival in Williamstown, Massachusetts.

As of 2009, he is in a relationship with actress Marisa Tomei.

Earned his Master's in Fine Arts from New York University's Graduate Acting Program at the Tisch School of the Arts.

Graduated from University of Tennessee, Knoxville where he studied Literature.

Where Are They Now

(December 2005) Playing "Beethoven" in the Off-Broadway play, "Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead", at the Century Center for the Performing Arts (New York, NY).

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