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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Pakistani TV Actress

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Pakistani TV Actress Biography

Jana Malik is very talented and versatile actress based in Lahore.She came into showbiz by chance although acting runs in her blood. She is the daughter of Raheel Bari, producer, and actress Sasha. Her maternal grandmother Laila was popular film actress of her time. Jana made her debut in PTV serial Reigzar at the age of 13. Her natural bent towards acting is well reflected in the ease in which she plays variety of roles. 

Name:  Jana Malik
Birthday: April 29
Birthplace: Lahore
How and When did you start your career?
        I was 13 years old at the time was at a family friend's drama recording and
        the great director Ayub Khawer was there, jokingly he asked me to say a few
        lines in front of the camera. He liked it and the rest as they say is history!!
Debut: PTV Drama Serial "Raigzar"
Your best work so far: Hmm... the best is yet to come!!
One director that you would like to work with in the future?
        James Cameron!! I wish !!

How have the serials changed since you started working?
       Yes definitely they have changed! The pace is faster, more competition, more
       channels, and better now overall.
Favorite Co-star: I love working with seniors, there is always so much to learn
        from them. Not just about showbiz but about life and the important things in life!
Favorite Actor: Clark Gable. I don't care about his acting but he was so handsome!!
Favorite Actress: Uzma Gillani is on top of a very long list!
Favorite Movie: I love comedy, action, thrillers... lots of favorite movies.
Favorite TV Show: Right now it's American Idol.

Favorite Singer: Too many to name!

Favorite Food: Everything my mom makes! Japanese food.

Favorite Holiday Location: My bedroom!

Your Hobbies: Books, movies, more books, hanging out with my friends, and more books!

How do you spend your time off? Sleep!!! Love shopping!

What makes you happiest: When the people I love are happy that makes me happy!

What you hate most: Lies and incompetence

Your thoughts on Love: Hmmm..

Your strength: My Mother and my friends

Your weakness: Same as above!

One thing most people don't know about you? I'm a good cook! Honest!!

If you were not an actor, what would you be? Chef! Definitely!
Current Projects: "Muqqadar" serial by Zeba Bakhtiyar, "Dobara" serial directed by Amin Iqbal," Phir Kab Milo Gay" Serial directed by Tehseen,"Jinhein Raastay main Khabber Hui" Ptv serial and a new sitcom by KCGL productions, directed by Nadia Afgan (The name's a secret so far!!)

Name: Najia Baig

Birthday: November 19
Debut Serial: Aat Kanal Ki Jaanat
Your best work: Still looking forward to it, I’m still

                                 satisfied with the work I have done so far.
Favorite Co-Star: Everyone has speciality
Favorite Actor: Aamir Khan, Shahrukh, & Richard Gere
Favorite Actress: Madhuri Dixit & Jennifer Anniston
Favorite Movie: Too many to name
Favorite TV Show: Friends
Favorite Singer: Mohd. Rafi & Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Favorite Song: Many
Favorite Food : All halal eatables are my favorite
Favorite Holiday Spot: Not yet
Your Hobbies: Painting and listening to music
What makes you happiest: If I could bring a smile on anyone’s

                                           face makes me happiest.
What you hate most: Liars
Your thoughts on Love: Love is the soul of life.
Your strength: My family
Your weakness: No weakness
If you were not in Showbiz, What would you be? Painter
Current Projects: Haasb E Haal and few serials and telfilms
Message to Fans: Dear fans, without you support I would have not come this far, always remember me in your prayer's......and nobody is perfect ;) Love you all !

Name:  Erum Akthar

Birthday:  August 16

Favorite Actor: Arjun Rampal, Aamir Khan & Nicolas Cage

Favorite Actress: Angelina Jolie, Julie Roberts, Kajol,

                                     Rani Mukherjee & Madhuri

Favorite Movie: Many i.e Original sin, Kuch Kuch hota Hau,

                                    Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

Favorite Singer: Kishore Kumar, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Perveen

Favorite Song: Tera mera pyar amar, Jeet jain gay hum

Favorite Book: Scripts of my all plays

Favorite Food : Any Pakistan spicy food

Favorite Perfume: Gucci Rush & Anis Anis

Favorite Holiday Location: Malaysia Lankavi

Your Hobbies: Driving

What makes you happiest: When I see my kids happy

What you hate most: Lie & Deceive

What do you think of love: The most beautiful relation and feelings, but

                                                    hard to find a true love!!

What the most important thing in your life? My work and family

Your weakness: To be blunt and straight forward!!

Your strength: My Husband

If you were not in Showbiz, What would you do? A house wife or a make-up artist

Current Projects: Deeep, Sham Dhally, Shikan

Message to Fans: It is the love of my fans that what I am today and I have no words to say thanks for their love but I promise them all that I'll keep giving for them to be the best on screen. Thanks and love you all for making me “Erum Akhtar”

Name: Sarah Chaudhry
Birthday: September 27
Debut Serial: Behlawa

Your best work: Tum Kahan Hum Kahan
Favorite Co-Star: Can't name one
Favorite Actor:Waheed Murad, Dilip Kumar, and Antonio Bandaras
Favorite Actress: Rohi Bano,Angelina Jolie, Maduri Dixit
Favorite Movie:  Aaina, Sadma, Jia
Favorite TV Show: Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain, Fear Factor, American Idol
Favorite Singer: Noor Jehan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Favorite Song:  Kise da yaar na vichre
Favorite Food: I can eat anything, not just one favorite
Favorite Holiday Spot: Italy
Your Hobbies: Making everyone smile
What makes you happiest: Namaz, Family, My work
What you hate most: Liars, Anger
Your thoughts on Love: It should be pure and true
Your strength: Allah, My family
Your weakness: My family
If you were not in Showbiz, What would you be? Doctor
Current Projects: Tere Phelo Mein
                        Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain,
                        Teri Ik Nazar           
                        Mera Ho Kar Raho
Message to Fans: The biggest strength a person could have is to know their weaknesses, so try to find it.  

Name: Tehreem Zubairi

Birthday: March 20, 1982
How did you start your career? From commercial modeling
Debut Serial: Tere Chah Main
Your best work: Bol Mere Machli Kitna Pani ( Upcoming Serial GEO)
Favorite Co-Star: Faisal Quereshi and Aijazz Aslam
Favorite Actor: Shaan and Faisal Qureshi
Favorite Actress: Huma Nawab
Favorite Movie: Readers, Tehzeeb, Astitva
Favorite TV Show: My wife and Kids, Coffee with Karan,

                                        Show hosted by Naeem Bukhari
Favorite Singer: Sonu Nigam, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Shaafqat Amanat,

                                  Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
Favorite Food : Asian and Italian
Favorite Holiday Location: Thailand and Australia

Your Hobbies: Reading books and cooking
Family & Siblings: 4 Sisters and 1 Brother
What makes you happiest: My family’s happiness
What you hate most: Liars
Your thoughts on Love: It’s a beautiful feeling
Love or Arrange Marriage: Love arranged marriage
Your strength: My family
Your weakness: My family
If you were not in Showbiz, What would you be? Banker
Current Projects: Show with ARY Digital & ARY Zauq and 2 serials
Message to Fans: Respect others to be respected by others.

Name: Sawera Pasha

Birthday: July 18

Debut Serial: Mohabbat ka ek pher

Your best work: Barish (a telefilm for tv1)

Favorite Co-Star: Nadeem Baig

Favorite Actor: Aamir khan

Favorite Actress: Kajol, Rani Mukherjee, Sania Saeed

Favorite Movie: All of Aamir khan's movie

Favorite TV Show: Cell224

Favorite Singer: Sonu Nigam, Shafqat Amanat Ali,
                                Rahat Fateh Ali khan

Favorite Song: Pehla nasha, jab koi baat bigr jaye,
                             Terey rang rang  (abrar-ul-haq)

Favorite Food : Biryani, Chicken Nihari

Favorite Holiday Spot: Malaysia

Your Hobbies: Dancing, singing, exploring new cultures

What makes you happiest: When I do something which makes my mom happy and my dad proud of me.

What you hate most: Disloyalty, lies

Your thoughts on Love: Love is a feeling that is hard to explain, you fall in love every day in a different manner when you are born u fall in love with your mom who holds you tight in her arms and kisses you whenever she gets a chance,  then you grow up gradually and fall in love with your dad and  siblings and  then you are encountered with different people and you keep falling in love againand again.

Your strength: Confidence, loyalty, leadership

Your weakness: Mood swings, caring

If you were not in Showbiz, What would you be?  Following my career a/c to my academics would have been working for any multi national company as a marketing head or  running my own ad agency.

Current Projects: Ji chahta hai (Atv)
                            Haroon to piye teri (Tv1)
                            Baaarh (Ptv)

Message to Fans: Follow your dreams and try taking risks in life.  Join any field you wanna join because it’s you who is good or bad… no field is bad. 

Name: Natasha Ali

Birthday: January 1
Debut Serial: Jade Ka Chand
Your best work: Dulhan
Favorite Co-Star: Ahsan Khan
Favorite Actor: Adnan Siddiqui
Favorite Actress: Uzma Gillani

Favorite Directors: Faisal Bukhari and Syed Atif Hussain
Favorite Movie: Psycho
Favorite TV Show: 10 ka dum
Favorite Singer: Sonu Nigam
Favorite Song: Ab Mujhe Raat Din by Sonu Nigam
Favorite Food:  Everything that is cooked at home
Favorite Holiday Location: Langkavi Island
What makes you happiest: When my mom is happy with me or when I see
                                                     my boyfriend.

What you hate most: Liars
Your thoughts on Love:  Love can be with anyone mother, brother, or any
                                                other relation.

Your strength: My family
Your weakness: My family
If you were not in Showbiz, What would you be? Housewife
Current Projects: Agar Tum Na Hote, Kabhi Kabhi Pyar mein, Babul

                                     Bas Ik Ter Intezar, Identity
Message to Fans: Love me, watch my plays, and wait for my upcoming projects. Thanks for watching me.

Name: Leyla Zuberi
Birthday: August 18
Debut Serial: Khakjah
Favorite Co-Star: Nauman Ejaz
Favorite Actor: Richard Gear
Favorite Actress: Julia Roberts
Favorite Movie:  Thornbird
Favorite TV Show:  Fifty Fifty
Favorite Singer:  Abida Parveen
Favorite Song:  Yaar Di Gharoli
Favorite Food :  Dal Chawal
Favorite Holiday Spot: My home
Your Hobbies:  Acting
What makes you happiest: Success
What you hate most: Failure
Your strength: My Family
Your weakness:  My Family
If you were not in Showbiz, What would you be? Teacher
Current Projects:  Tere Phelu Mein, Shikan, Iqra, Anokha Bundhan, Tum Bhi Kaho (My production)
Message to Fans: If you keep your inner self beautiful you will always look beautiful. 

Name: Saba Qamar

Birthday: April 5, 1984

Debut: Mai Aurat Hoon (PTV)

Best Work: Jinnah Ka Naam

Favorite Co-Star: Talat Hussain

Best Buddy in Showbiz: No one

Favorite Actor: Talat Hussain

Favorite Director: Tariq Mairaj
Favorite all-time model: Iraj Manzoor
Favorite Movie: Ijazat

Favorite Singer: Kishore Kumar

Favorite Song: Depends on mood

Food: Fruits

Holiday Spot: Where I can be alone

Hobbies: Listening to music

What makes you happiest: Peace

What you hate the most: Dual personality

Your thoughts on love: Immortal relation between two souls

Your strength: Confidence

Your weakness: Love

If not in showbiz, What would you be? Choreographer/designer

How do you stay in shape: Balance diet, exercise

Current Projects: Muhabat Yunhi Bhi hoti hai, Woh Subh Kab Ayegi

                           Nadia Naam Ki Larki, Bhool, Kan Pur Sai Katas Tak
Message to Fans: Jiyo aur jeenay dou.

Name: Ayesha Gul

Birthday: August 08, 1979
When did you start your career? 2001
Debut Play: ''KASH MAI CHERRIA HOTI'' for PTV written by Noor ul Huda Shah.
Your best work: So far ''INSANO JAYSAY LOOG'' directed by Farooq Rind.

       Won Kara Filmfare Award.
What kind of roles do you like playing the most?  I have given equal
       importance to all my roles, whether I play a supporting actress or the lead
       role. I do them all with integrity.

What is it like being part of Nachlay, were you always a good dancer?

        Was wonderful experience...I never danced before, not even in weddings.
Favorite Co-Star: Javed Sheikh
Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington
Favorite Actress: Charlize Thereon
Favorite Movie: Legends of the Fall
Favorite TV Show: Friends
Favorite Singer: Whitney Houston
Favorite Song: I will always love you.
Favorite Food: Any kind of Daal and any kind of vegetable, don't like meat at all.
Favorite Holiday Location: Spain
Your Hobbies: Books, Music, Cooking
What makes you happiest: To do something which can bring a smile on
        someone’s face. Anything can make me happy like people, morning, sea,
        boats, music , books, cooking, family, and friends.

What you hate most: Nothing
Your thoughts on Love: Most simply: LOVE! (either being gifted w/ love,
        witnessing love or giving love)

Your strength: ALLAH
If you were not in Showbiz, What would you be? Plastic Surgeon
Current Projects: Cactus Kay Pool, Aik Zindagi, Tum Bhool Gayi Hum
        Ko, Hawa Reet Angan, Kachra Kundi, Fankaar, Anuska, Dolly Aunty Ka
        Dream Villa, and many more. 

Name:     Madiha Iftikhar
Birthday: February 5, 1985
Debut:     Partition Ek Safar

Nickname: My showbiz friends calls me 'Maddy' whereas my family calls me 'Madhu'

Childhood ambition: To become an actress

Beauty or brains: Both

Life is: short so live it happily

Biggest challenge: To become a Hollywood star

A misconception people have about you: That I have double personality, which is absolutely wrong

One person I would love to dine out with: Aamir Khan

My worst nightmare: Can't remember right now

Something that I am strongly possessive about: My family, friends and of course my would-be Last purchase A lot of clothes

The most expensive item in your wardrobe: All are expensive, from tops, jeans, handbags to shoes

I love: My country

Cooking is: very important but I am not very fond of it

Favourite food: I like everything

Favourite holiday destination: Islamabad, London and Sweden

Name: Nawal Ilyas

Birthday: April 11 , 1983
Birthplace: Lahore
How did you start your career?
       I started off my career back in 2007 when Mr. Usman Zulfiqar(My guru) 
       offered me a role in his daily soap " Tere Pehlu Mein " ...

Debut Play: Tere Pehlu Mein
Your best work: I work with perfection & so far my all work are my
        best work but my masterpiece is yet to come.

Favorite Co-Star: My whole team of "Tere Pehlu Mein". I thank them all for
       being so supportive of me.

Favorite Actor: Rahat Kazmi.
Favorite Actress: Madhuri  Dixit
Favorite Movie: A walk to remember, P.S I love you, State of Enemy ,
       Transformers & there are many more, I am just fond of watching movies.

Favorite TV Show: Roadies,  Slitsvilla
Favorite Singer: Nusrat Fateh Ali, Rahet Fateh Ali ......
Favorite Song: "Main tenu samjhwan ki" by Rateh Ali
Favorite Food: Daal chaawal when I am at home, otherwise I love
       Chinese food.

Favorite Holiday Location: I would love to visit Shogran, it’s such a calm
       and peaceful place

Your Hobbies: Net surfing , Shopping ( Obviously, every girl loves that.. :) ,
        Reading books , long drive & listening to old 80's songs. . . . . . !!!

Family & Siblings: My father , My mother , My 3 elder sister n my one
        younger sweet bro... :)

What makes you happiest: By helping the deserved & needy ones.
What you hate most: Lies and fake people.
Your thoughts on Love: Love is the most beautiful feeling. Love & being
        loved is just like feeling the sun from both sides. !! :)

Your strength: My never to give up attitude.
Your weakness: I easily believe anyone and Flowers .
If you were not in Showbiz, What would you be? I would have been a
       successful Fashion Designer.

Current Projects: I am currently doing some commercials which will be on air
       very soon & currently a serial DECEMBER by Usman Zulfiqar is ON AIR
       which you can watch on PTV every Thursday at 8pm PST.
Message to Fans: I thank you all for appreciating my work & with all of you
I      would love to share my thoughts: Let’s make this Pakistan a peaceful & 
       harmonious place to live with brotherhood & love for each other. !!!

  Pakistani TV Actress
Pakistani TV Actress
Pakistani TV Actress
Pakistani TV Actress
 Pakistani TV Actress
Pakistani TV Actress
Pakistani TV Actress
Pakistani TV Actress
Pakistani TV Actress
Pakistani TV Actress
Pakistani TV Actress
Pakistani TV Actress
Pakistani TV Actress


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